D01 Hagginbottom Pump Station Project


The D01 Hagginbottom Storm Drain Pump Station is located west of 4967 Marlborough Way.  This station was originally constructed in 1960.  All storm water from the adjacent 763 acre water shed is drained or pumped through this station into the American river.  It is critical that the station is functional and reliable to provide flood protection for this neighborhood.

While well maintained, the electrical equipment at the station is outdated and in need of upgrading. Due to the age of the electrical equipment, replacement parts are increasingly difficult to find.  This is particularly important in a storm event, when having easily accessible replacement parts is critical.

Project Description

The project will upgrade the station's electrical equipment to current industry standards.  These upgrades include new electrical and instrumentation equipment at the station. Automated trash racks will be installed to eliminate the labor-intensive manual trash rack cleaning and allow debris removal when the station is unstaffed. These upgrades will significantly increase the station's safety, functionality, and reliability to better provide flood protection to the area.


D01 Newsletter 1.pdf

D01 Newsletter 2.pdf


Tentative Schedule

Board of Supervisors Approval – November 2017

Bid Date – December 2017

Board of Supervisors Award – January 2018

Begin Construction – June 2018

End Construction – October 2018


Project Contacts

David Bolen, Senior Engineer (916) 874-8645, bolend@saccounty.net

Rachel Ekindesone, Assistant Engineer (916) 874-8319, ekindesoner@saccounty.net