East Elk Grove GWTP and Rhone River Well Site Improvements


SCWA's Zone 40 funds the construction of water system improvements required to provide a conjunctive use water supply to the central portion of Sacramento County, including portions of the Cities of Elk Grove and Rancho Cordova.


In order to support the local service area, improve reliability and provide capacity for future needs, SCWA will begin construction that will allow delivery of ground water from a newly built well site to one of our treatment plans through a new 12-inch water line then eventually to the distribution system.

The well site is located near the corner of Quarter Ranch Court and Rhone River Road. The new well site will be fully paved and have a concrete masonry unit well enclosure. This building will have a removable metal roof with a built-in access hatch. There will also be an acoustical louver to provide ventilation for the equipment. In order to provide power to the well site a trench will need to be dug just behind the sidewalk from the corner of Mosher and Rhone River Roads to the site.

Water from the well site to the water treatment plant will be conveyed via a 12” pipeline. 2 portions of this pipeline already exist and with this project we will build 1,175 lineal feet to bridge this gap. This pipe will be built along Waterman Road starting at the intersection with Mosher Road and extend northward.

The water conveyed through this pipeline will be sent to our East Elk Grove Groundwater Treatment Plant located at Brinkman Court and Waterman Road for treatment. To accommodate the extra amount of water that needs to be treated a new filter vessel; extra fluoride treatment and reclaim pump will be added.

Project Location Map



 East Elk Grove Ground Water Treatment Plant Construction

Tentative Schedule

Bid Date – April 2017
Award – May 2017
Start construction – July 2017
Complete – March 2018

Project Contacts

Tan Nguyen, Project Engineer, (916) 874-7112, nguyentan@saccounty.net
Yuri Oushakoff, Project Designer, (916) 875-2043, oushakoffy@saccounty.net