Kings Way and Verna Way Request for Information Questionnaire


The Department of Water Resources (DWR) is investigating the performance of the existing drainage facilities in your neighborhood.  The goal of this investigation is to evaluate whether a drainage improvement project can alleviate the reported past flooding in the area.  The proposed drainage improvements areas are on Becerra Way, Duran Circle, Carrisa Way, Loreto Way, Villa Vista Way, Avalon Drive, Lasuen Drive, Verna Way, Roslyn Way, and Ione Street.

Project Update

After reviewing the project area and finishing a drainage study of the area, it was determined to do drainage improvements on Verna Way, Roslyn and Ione Street (known as the El Camino Avenue/Verna Way Storm Drain Improvement Project).  The project area is located along El Camino Avenue, near the intersections of Verna Way, Roslyn Way and Ione St. (see Project Vicinity Map).

This project will install a new drainage pipeline in Verna Way, Roslyn Way and Ione Street, connecting the new lines to the new drainage pipeline installed by DOT in El Camino Avenue.  The project was initiated because of the drainage improvements DOT did in El Camino Avenue.  DOT installed a new mainline in El Camino Avenue and left pipe stubs in Verna Way and Roslyn for Department of Water Resources (DWR) to install by a project at a later date.

Scope of work

The project consists of installing 450 lineal feet of drainage pipe, removing and replacing 3 storm drain manholes, and removing and replacing 6 storm drain inlets drain inlets (see Project Location Map).

Project Location


Project Description

The project will address flooding and drainage facility maintenance issues in the project area.  Improvements will include removing installing new storm drain facilities (drainage mainlines, drain inlets & laterals and manholes) in Eastern Avenue and Boone Lane.

Project Schedule

• Final Plans & Specifications – January 2020
• Board of Supervisors Approval – February 2021
• Bid Date – March 2020
• Board of Supervisors Award – April 2020
• Construction Begins – June 2020
• Construction Ends – August 2020
        All dates are tentative and subject to change


•           Request for Information letter

Project Contacts

Michael Meaney
Associate Civil Engineer, (916) 874-1321

Rohit Vasishta
Design Engineer, (916) 874-8393