Marconi Avenue/Eastern Avenue Storm Drain Improvement Project


The Marconi Avenue / Eastern Avenue Storm Drain Improvement Project area is located along Eastern Avenue between Marconi Avenue, in Carmichael.  The project area consists of approximately 45 acres of medium density residential & commercial land use.  The project was initiated by flooding reports at the intersection of Marconi Avenue and Eastern Avenue.


Description of Project:

The project will address flooding and drainage facility maintenance issues in the project area.  Improvements will include installing new storm drain facilities (drainage mainlines, drain inlets & laterals and manholes) in Eastern Avenue and Boone Lane.

Project Vicinity Map


Project Attachments

Resident Cover Letter

Resident Survey

April 2020 Project Newsletter

January 2020 Project Newsletter 


Project Schedule*

• Final Plans & Specifications – December 2019
• Board of Supervisors Approval – January 2020
• Bid Date – March 2020
• Board of Supervisors Award – April 2020
• Construction Begins – May 2020
• Construction Ends – August 2020
        *All dates are tentative and subject to change

Project Contacts

Michael Meaney
Project Engineer, (916) 874-1321

Rohit Vasishta
Design Engineer, (916) 874-8393

John Vega
Senior Construction Inspector, (916) 709-9065

Jonathan Eden
Resident Engineer, (916) 235-0574