Miramar Road/Kent Drive Storm Drain Improvement Project


The proposed project area is located in the Arden Arcade Community and consists of approximately 25 acres of low and medium density residential developments. The project area is bounded by Crest Haven Drive to the north, Kent Drive to the west, El Camino Avenue to the south, and Morse Avenue to the east.

This project was initiated in response to flooding reports in the area. In September 2014, project questionnaires were mailed to residents and owners of properties in the project area requesting more details of the flooding history. The information provided from the surveys was used to identify problem areas and helped to design the new storm drain system.

Project Description

The project addresses flooding and maintenance issues in the project area. Improvements will include replacing the existing system with larger pipes on Kent Drive and in the drainage easement at Creekside Adult Center. In addition, outdated drainage inlets will be upgraded. See the project map found in the attachments below for detailed information.

Project Updates

The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors approved the project in March 2017.  The construction bid opening was at the end of April 2017. Unfortunately, there were no bids submitted for the project.  Feedback from potential bidders indicated the lack of bids was due to a busy construction season.  As a result, the project rebid in March 2018 and the contract was awarded in May 2018 to the lowest bidder.


Miramar Project Location Map.pdf

Miramar Newsletter 1 (February 2017) .pdf

Miramar Newsletter 2 (July 2017).pdf

Miramar Newsletter 3 - Final.pdf

Project Schedule

• Board of Supervisors Approval – March 2017
• Bid Date – April 2017
• Rebid Date – March 2018
• Board of Supervisors Award – May 2018
• Construction Begins – June 2018
• Construction Ends – September 2018

All dates are tentative and subject to change

Project Contacts

David Bolen
Project Engineer, (916) 874-8645
E-mail: bolend@saccounty.net

Rachel Ekindesone
Assistant Engineer, (916) 874-8319
E-mail: ekindesoner@saccounty.net