Sacramento County Water Agency - Fluoridation Program

Am I receiving fluoride in my water?

The Water Agency currently has two sources of water: groundwater from wells which is not fluoridated at this time and surface water from rivers which is fluoridated.  Over 90% of the Agency’s customers receive strictly groundwater.  However, some customers in the Laguna area of Elk Grove will, at times, receive varying percentages of surface water/groundwater.  Therefore, they will receive varying concentrations of fluoride.  Customers that have the highest probability of receiving fluoridated surface water are those that live closest to Franklin Blvd and Dwight Road - the location where fluoridated surface water enters the water system.

Why Fluoride​?

The Water Agency is required by a 1995 California State Law (Assembly Bill 733) to fluoridate its water system if capital improvement costs are made available from a source “other than the usual funding sources of the water system.” In January of 2008, the Agency obtained grant funding from the First Five Sacramento Commission to pay for the costs of installing the fluoridation equipment.

Fluoridation prevents tooth decay safely and effectively. The United State Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identifies fluoride as one of t​he 10 great public health achievements of the 20th century. The CDC has extensive research and has a lot of useful information regarding water system fluoridation. Visit them online to learn more.

​For more information on our Fluoridation Program, please contact project manager Dave Zuccaro,(916) 875-6917. ​​