Sacramento County Water Agency - Phase 2B - Arden Service Area Pipe and Meter Installation Project

Last Updated: 1/12/2022 4:25 PM


Phase 2B construction is expected to begin in the Summer of 2021.  This project will abandon old distribution pipelines located in backyards, install approximately 4 miles of new distribution pipelines within street right-of-way, install 326 new service lines and meters, install new or replace 46 fire hydrants and 6 backflow preventer assemblies. This Project will provide several critical improvements to the Arden Service Area’s distribution system:

  • Improved system reliability and additional fire-flow capacity: Larger water mains will help provide better system redundancy and additional water supplies to meet fire flow requirements. Fire hydrants will be added to the project area to meet Fire Code spacing requirements (every 500 feet for residential and every 300 feet for commercial areas.)
  • Meet separation standards for drinking water mains: New water mains placed into the street-right-away will help SCWA meet the current separation requirements from sanitary sewer and drainage facilities.
  • Lower operation and maintenance costs: The replacement of older and undersized water mains will reduce maintenance cost of day-to-day operations.
  • Meet state deadline for water meter implementation: The installation of water meters will achieve system compliance with the state requirement that all water services have meters installed by 2025.

Project Location


Project Schedule

  • Board of Director's Approval - February 23, 2021
  • Bid Date - April 1, 2021
  • Contract Award - May 18, 2021
  • Begin Phase 2B Construction - July 2021
  • End Phase 2B Construction - April 2022
  • Percent Competed (as of 09/20/21) - 10%

​Project Update 

January 12, 2022

Please read the updates for work in the following areas.

Area A
This week, Teichert begun flushing and disinfection activities for the new water mains in Area A of the project and will continue into next week.  During this process water will be flushed out of fire hydrants and into manholes, drain inlets or open grass areas. Please do not be alarmed, this step is necessary prior to connecting into the existing system. During this process we will also be collecting water quality samples for testing to make sure that the new system meets state drinking water standards. Once pipe testing process is complete, Teichert will begin  tie-ing in the individual service connections (from the meter) to the home’s plumbing. This step will shut off water to each property for a minimum of four hours. Please plan the day accordingly. Door hangers will be hung to notify customers in advance of all planned water outages as part of tie-in process.

Area B
Teichert will install the remaining new water services in Area B later this week or early next week. Please look out for door hanger notifications, no parking signs and closed sidewalks. At this time, the flushing and disinfection procedure for Area B has not yet been scheduled by Teichert.

Area C
Mainline installation has started in Area C and is expected to continue for the next few weeks. Streets in Area C include:Morley Way, Westcott Way, Middleton Way, and Merritt Way. Clunie Drive and Kadema will follow.
Upon completion of the mainline installation in each street, additional crews will be installing the new water services up to the meter box. Please look out for door hanger notifications, no parking signs and closed sidewalks.

September 27, 2021

Pothole work will begin in Area E today and continue throughout the week. Please continue to use caution and keep an eye out for “No Parking” barricades, flaggers and possible detours. Removal of “No Parking” barricades in the intended work area delays construction activities and the information we need for our pipeline adjustments.

August 27, 2021

On Monday, August 30th pothole work will begin in Area C and continue throughout the week. Please continue use caution and keep an eye out for “No Parking” barricades, flaggers and possible detours. Removal of “No Parking” barricades in the intended work area delays construction activities and the information we need for our pipeline adjustments.

August 17, 2021

Starting Wednesday, August 18th pothole work continues in Area B, C, and D. Residents and visitors are advised to follow no parking request for the dates stated on the barricades. Removal of “no-parking” barricades in the intended work area, delays construction activities and prolongs the duration of construction. We appreciate your cooperation.

August 11, 2021

Pothole work continues in Area A. With Sierra Oaks Elementary starting tomorrow, crews will temporarily remove no parking barricades to help facilitate morning drop-off and afternoon pick-ups. Please do not use street parking where barricades are temporarily removed.   Crews will work near the school while classes are in session and move out of the area to allow for traffic to flow. Please use caution and watch for flaggers and detours in the nearby streets. We appreciate your cooperation.

August 8, 2021

SCWA Customers,

Teichert Construction has begun installing construction stakes for water meters and fire hydrants locations throughout the Phase 2B Project boundary. The project is broken into five sub areas (A-E) and will follow the same construction sequence:

Area A: Mills Road, Royce Way, Latham Court, Hobart Court, and Latham Drive

Area B: Huntington Road and Bret Harte Road

Area C: Morley Way, Westcott Way, Middleton Way, Merritt Way, Braynard Way, Clunie Drive, West half of Kadema Drive

Area D: Moffatt Way , Harber Court, Highley Court, Tryon Court, Moreland Court, Mertice Court, East half of Kadema Drive

Area E: American River Drive, Foley Court, Townsend Court

Fire Hydrants

Fire hydrant stakes have a flyer stapled to the stake for visual clarification.  Construction stakes for fire hydrants and water meters should match the location on the site survey performed for your specific property.

Please do not remove construction stakes. At this point, the only meter or fire hydrant location changes considered are for those posing constructability conflicts. Please keep in mind that the sequence of construction still requires the water main installation first, this in turn means that there will be a lag of time in between the stakes posted and the meters and fire hydrants installed. We ask that you monitor all children and pets inclined to move or remove the stakes. We appreciate your cooperation.

Additionally, starting the week of August 9th, Teichert will being potholing efforts for the water main, services and fire hydrants in Area A.

Project Presentation Meeting

Watch the presentation to learn more about Phase 2B.



Responses to Questions Asked During Public Outreach Presentation


Meter Installation

Approximately 3-5 days before the water meter installation occurs, the contractor will hang a door tag on your doorknob (or fence) to identify the schedule for your installation.  The installation for your property will typically take less than four hours to complete; however, it may prolong if any issues arise or if additional equipment and/or setup is required.  Service connections requiring longer runs of pipe will require additional setups if a boring machine is used.  During this time, you will experience an interruption of your water service.  We will make every effort to minimize impacts to your residence or business; however, please plan accordingly the day of your installation. 


Expect delays during daytime hours on residential roads.  Night work is not expected as part of this phase. There will be traffic control measures implemented during construction including lane closures, reduction in travel speeds and short detours.  Watch for signs and flaggers. SCWA urges special attention for the ingress and egress of construction equipment in your area. There may be multiple crews working throughout the project at any given time. 

Tree Trimming

Where access is limited, tree trimming may be necessary in the roadway or the work area. 


Expect an increase in noise during construction hours. No work is currently scheduled for weekends or holidays unless emergency repairs are necessary. Construction hours for residential streets will be between 7:30 a.m., and 5:00 p.m.  

Road Restoration Work

Varying pavement conditions will exist throughout the construction period. Once water mains are installed, hot-mix asphalt will be placed on top of backfill and will be identified as “Temporary." Full pavement restorations shall be completed per Sacramento County Department of Transportation (DOT) approval. Final paving to be completed per the project schedule. 

Project In Pictures

Crews prepare the area (August 2021)


Contact Information

Project Engineer: Helen Rocha
Phone: (916) 874-3070