Interim NSA Water T-Main Installation & WTP Facilities Improvement Project


SCWA's Zone 40 funds the construction of water system improvements required to provide a conjunctive use water supply to the central portion of Sacramento County, including portions of the Cities of Elk Grove and Rancho Cordova. Zone 40 is divided into three geographical areas known as the North Service Area (NSA), Central Service Area (CSA), and South Service Area (SSA).

NSA is generally bound on the north by White Rock Road, the south by Jackson Road, the east by Deer Creek, and the west by Happy Lane.

The North Service Area (NSA) Project includes a pipeline, tank, and booster pumps to deliver potable water from the Vineyard Surface Water Treatment Plant (VSWTP) to the North Service Area.  The Sacramento County Water Agency (SCWA) identified the Interim North Service Area Project (Interim Project) as Phase 1 of the NSA Project.


The Interim Project will allow delivery of surface water to a portion of NSA through an existing 30-inch water line in Excelsior Road to the Anatolia Water Treatment Plant (AWTP).

The Interim Project will install a portion of the improvements identified in the 2010 NSA Project, a newly proposed 4,338 feet of 66-inch transmission main along Florin Road, 2,665 feet 30-inch transmission main along Excelsior Road, two new pumps at VSTWP, and modifications at Anatolia Water Treatment Plant (AWTP).

Project Location Map

Interim North Service Area (NSA) Project – Project Location Map

Tentative Schedule

  • Bid Date – April 2015
  • Award – June 2015
  • Start construction – August 2015
  • Complete – September 2016

Project Contacts

Tan Nguyen, Project Engineer, (916) 874-7112,
Yuri Oushakoff, Project Designer, (916) 875-2043,

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