Storm Ready


​The Benson's Ferry forecast should give residents up to five days to consider their course of action before flooding occurs in the BSL/Point Pleasant area. Residents can monitor the rain and stream gauge information on this website, as well as track the progress of the storm on local news. The shorter the time frame of the forecast, the more reliable it is. 

If residents do not leave the area prior to flooding, the best way to leave the area during a flood is to take Point Pleasant Road to Franklin Boulevard, then drive north on Franklin Boulevard and then east on Elk Grove Boulevard to Highway 99. 

For those who choose not to evacuate, it is recommended that a local flood response plan be developed by the residents. There are areas of relatively high ground that may serve as a temporary shelter, such as the Point Pleasant United Methodist Church at 3329 Point Pleasant Road. Helpful information on flood preparedness planning is available on Four Steps to Flood Safety.

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