Storm Ready

Step Four-Get Involved

Before and after a flood...

If food or medicine has come in contact with flood waters, throw it out. Stay out of buildings if flood waters remain around the building. When entering buildings after a flood use extreme caution. Wear sturdy shoes and use battery-powered lanterns or flashlights when examining buildings. Examine walls, floors, doors and windows to make sure that the building is not in danger of collapse. Watch out for animals, like snakes, that may have come into your home with flood waters. Take pictures of the damage - both of the house and its contents for insurance claims.

Look for:

  • Fire hazards
  • Broken or leaking gas lines
  • Flooded electrical circuits
  • Submerged furnaces or electrical appliances
  • Flammable or explosive materials coming from upstream
  • Know how to shut off your utilities if necessary

Report potential emergencies to authorities.


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