Stormwater Quality Program

Gerber Creek Phase 3


The proposed Project is located south of Gerber Road  between the CCTC Railroad to the west, and Bradshaw Road   to the east.  The Project will implement a portion of a drainage master plan for several planning areas developing in this part of Sacramento County.

The Project will improve drainage and flood protection to existing and future developments.  Similar improvements to Elder and Gerber Creek were constructed downstream of the Project in the summers of 2016 and 2017.  An open space preserve, including wetland and wildlife habitat, will be constructed  within  the  creek  corridor in a future construction phase.

Project Description

The  existing creek will be widened, deepened and partially  shifted.  A portion of the existing creek will be  abandoned and backfilled.  An existing private bridge serving properties south of the creek will be reconstructed.  Upon completion of channel improvements, areas disturbed by the project will be stabilized with native grasses.  The wetland and wildlife habitat is expected to be installed after 2020.


Project Updates

The storm drain improvement project was approved by the Board of Supervisors and advertised for construction  contractors on February 27, 2018.  The public bid opening was on April 5, 2018. There were 11 bids submitted.  On  April 18, 2018  the contract was awarded to the lowest responsive, responsible bidder – Suulutaaq, Inc.

Project Schedule

  • Construction Begins – June 2018
  • Construction Ends – September 2018
  • Tree Planting Project – Fall 2020/2021

All dates are tentative and subject to change


Michael Meaney
Project/Design Engineer, (916) 874-1321

Rohit Vasishta
Assistant Engineer, (916) 874-8393

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