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Every year the Sacramento County Dept. of Water Resources receives grant applications for the Watershed Stewardship and Education Grant program, which supports community projects that impact or benefit local waterways.  This program helps schools, volunteer groups, environmental organizations and other nonprofits get involved in projects that protect, restore or enhance creeks, watersheds, and rivers within the unincorporated urban areas of Sacramento County.  Each recipient can receive up to $2,500 for grant projects.   The following schools and organizations received grant awards for the 2019-20 Fiscal Year. Congratulations to all the grant recipients!

Grant RecipientProject DescriptionGrant Award
California Waterfowl Association  (CWA)The California Waterfowl Association (CWA) will provide bus transportation to several schools so that students can participate in watershed education field trips organized by the CWA. Field trip activities include guided tours and water sampling that are designed to educate students about the importance of keeping watersheds clean.$2,500
Spinelli Elementary SchoolSpinelli Elementary will organize field trips for students to learn about the impacts of stormwater pollution and inspire students to keep local waterways clean. $680
Del Dayo Elementary SchoolDel Dayo Elementary proposes to help young students (K-6th grade) become stewards of the American River Watershed. This will be accomplished through several activities including water quality testing, field trips to the American River Parkway to evaluate natural vegetation and species, developing watershed guidebooks, and training to teachers and parents that can carry the project forward into the future.  $2,500
American River Natural History Association/Effie Yeaw Nature CenterThe Effie Yeaw Nature Center will provide aquatic programs to underserved/low-income students. The program includes a lab study of aquatic organisms and a field trip to observe and study organisms. $2,446
Sacramento Valley Conservancy (SVC)Sacramento Valley Conservancy (SVC) is working towards incorporating more educational opportunities at their facility to inspire visitors and students to care for their watershed. This project includes the installation of educational signage for outdoor school programs and the public, restoration of the native vegetation along the American River, and the installation of a bio swale with native plantings. SVC will partner with youth organizations and volunteers on these projects with the intention of engaging the community and local students in watershed stewardship.$2,500
Sierra Nevada JourneysThe Sierra Nevada Journey's program has an established watershed stewardship and education curriculum that focuses on in-class lessons and field study experiences that emphasis stormwater pollution prevention.  Students receive an opportunity to become “environmental scientist" by solving problems related to stormwater pollution and explore macro-invertebrates in the river to determine the health of the watershed. Funding from the grant will allow Sierra Nevada Journeys to purchase field study supplies and materials for students to carry out their activities. $2,500
American River College Environmental Conservation ProgramThe American River College's (ARC) Environmental Conservation Program will improve creek environments by removing trash and invasive species; water quality monitoring; planting seeds; and installing educational signage.  Through this project, students will contribute to improving a local habitat, build career skills and learn how to lead environmental projects. $2,500
University of California 4-H Youth Development ProgramThe 4-H Youth Development Program is a water education program to help youth understand water pollution prevention.  Students who participate in this program learn from building model watersheds, use an Enviroscape to learn about the sources of pollution, and get involved in a service-learning project. With grant funding, the Program will organize a student field trip to the San Francisco Bay-Delta model and the Pacific Ocean. This trip will help youth draw a better connection between the Sacramento watershed and how it ties into a larger ecosystem.$2,500
Daylor High SchoolDaylor High School's project involves inviting the Sacramento Zoo mobile to do a presentation on organisms that live and depend on local creeks and rivers.  This educational presentation will help students understand the importance of keeping the water clean so that animals can live in a healthy environment.    $450
Will Rogers Middle SchoolWill Rogers Middle School will use grant funds to provide opportunities for students to be actively involved in watershed stewardship activities around campus. The grant project will allow students to monitor storm drains and keep the area around them clean, go on field trips to the American River Parkway to clean up trash, stencil storm drains with a no dumping message, and visit the Stone Lake Wildlife Refuge and Natural Science Museum to learn about their watershed.$1,424


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Classroom presentations

Sacramento County Stormwater Quality Program works with the Sacramento Splash center to offer Splash in the Classroom presentations which is a fun and interactive way to teach students about stormwater pollution.  Students learn about pollutants that harm our waterways and how to play a role in protecting creeks and rivers.  For more information or to sign up for a presentation, please visit the Splash in the Class website or call (916) 364-2437.

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